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How many 10 letter words are there in different dictionaries?

The number of 10-letter words varies in different word game dictionaries

  1. There are 23548 10-letter words in the Scrabble US Dictionary (NWL - contains Scrabble words from the NASPA word list, formerly TWL).
  2. There are 35529 10-letter words in the Scrabble UK Dictionary (CSW - contains Scrabble words from Collins Scrabble Words).
  3. There are 25532 10-letter words in the Words With Friends Dictionary (WWF).

What are the most common 10-letter words?

The most common 30 10-letter words are(sort by frequency descending):


What are the 10 10-letter words with the most points?

Scrabble US(NWL) razzmatazz(48 points), whizzbangs(37 points), showbizzes(36 points), dizzyingly(36 points), bumfuzzled(36 points), bumfuzzles(35 points), puzzlingly(34 points), kolkhoznik(34 points), blizzardly(34 points), zygomorphy(33 points).
Scrabble UK(CSW) razzmatazz(48 points), quizzified(41 points), quizzifies(40 points), whizzingly(38 points), whizzbangs(37 points), quizziness(37 points), quizzeries(37 points), zizyphuses(36 points), showbizzes(36 points), dizzyingly(36 points).
Word With Friends(WWF) razzmatazz(49 points), vajazzling(45 points), jazzercise(40 points), whizzbangs(39 points), squeezebox(39 points), puzzlingly(39 points), buzzworthy(39 points), bemuzzling(39 points), unpuzzling(38 points), unmuzzling(38 points).

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